Our Firm advises domestic and international debtors, lenders and guarantors, on a wide range of sophisticated credit and financing transactions, credit and debt restructurings, project finance, among others.

Our practice also includes the planning and negotiation of credit or debt restructurings. We collaborate with debtors or lenders in the negotiation, documentation and execution of agreements and solutions that ensure the payment of the loans by debtors while maintaining their financial stability.



Our Firm’s deep commitment to the cannabis industry is best reflected by our detailed analysis of foreign and domestic legislative evolution on the subject as well as comprehensive studies of comparative law, regarding the emergence, evolution and regulation of the Cannabis industry.

We are preparing to be able to offer a wide range of services to the Cannabis Industry encompassing various practice areas (regulatory, corporate law, contractual law, intellectual property, among others) once the domestic market emerges.



Our Firm offers expert legal services on corporate and commercial law matters to a range of domestic and international clients. We provide support for day-to-day business needs of many of our clients, which include serving as corporate secretaries, examiners and/or board members representing the interests of our clients. Another aspect of the administration of the daily corporate activities of our clients is the preparation of minutes of shareholder’s meetings, granting of powers-of-attorney, and transfer of shares together with all registrations required under Mexican Law, as well as for the largest and most complex corporate transactions in our country.



Our Firm handles matters involving the protection and defense of our client’s intangible property, including patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, slogans, tradenames, copyrights, and other related rights.

Our services include preparing and filing all types of applications for protecting intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as follow-up in monitoring of applications during any prosecution period until the protection has been granted. Once we obtain that protection, we assist the client with monitoring an maintenance services for preserving and, where appropriate, extending industrial property protection.



Our firm provides an overall analysis of each operation, carry out due diligences, and suggesting structures and strategies. Our advice and services are custom tailored to each of our clients needs and type of transaction.

We also participate in drafting, reviewing and negotiating transactional documents.



Our team provides legal advice to our clients on all aspects of their activities and operations and every step along the way, from forming funds to structuring investments, all the way to exit strategies.

As a business minded Firm, we intend to be a helpful partner to our clients standing by their side throughout the whole investment process by providing comprehensive legal advice encompassing various practice areas (M&A, finance, employment, and intellectual property, among others).



The Firm advises domestic and foreign real estate investors, developers, and construction companies on the legal and regulatory aspects of commercial, industrial, residential, hospitality and tourism real estate investment and related strategic transactions. Our services include advising on the following areas:

  • Acquisition and sale of real estate assets.
  • Leases and all legal structures regarding granting of use on all forms or real estate assets.
  • Development, legal structure, ownership, management and operation of real estate assets.
  • Creating all different regimes of private property.
  • Legal proceeding before the Public Registries.